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Dynamics CRM Buttons Greyed-Out in Outlook

We've had an issue where the CRM buttons were greyed out in Outlook 2010 and CRM 2011. The Outlook CRM addin was properly installed and enabled but when the user opened Outlook and selected the CRM tab, all CRM related buttons and actions are greyed out. This happened when Office 2013 (or later) component was installed on the user’s PC. Because there are shared components between versions, it created an incompatibility.

As a first step, check event viewer to see if there are any application errors that have been logged regarding the MSCRMAddin load behaviour.

To correct the problem with greyed out buttons, you have to delete the registry key related to the component of the newer version of Office, which breaks the addin in Outlook 2010.

1) Close Outlook

2) Open regedit.exe (as administrator) and navigate to
Within that folder you will see 9.4 and later (eg: 9.5, 9.6) folders. Right click and export the folders that are NOT 9.4 in order to create a backup. (Repeat for each one)

3) Delete any of them that are not 9.4 (9.4 is part of Office 2010)

4) Restart Outlook and the CRM should be accessible.

Reopen Outlook and the addin should now be active and loaded properly.

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Last updated Jul 1, 2020