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Some Canon multifunctions do not allow you to change the ports from the web interface (ie: iR-ADV 4525), only when you are in front of the multifunction itself. If there's no on-site access, there's a way to bypass this issue.

First enable remote access. On the Web Interface, go to:

Management Settings -> License/Other:

1) Select "Remote Operation Settings" and enable "Use Remote Operation" checkbox

2) Select "ACCESS MANAGEMENT SYSTEM Settings" and enable "Use ACCESS MANAGEMENT SYSTEM" checkbox.

Once done, hit "Apply Setting Changes" and reboot the printer.

civicrm logoAlthough CiviCRM community recommends not to manipulate the database directly, these queries are useful for deleting duplicate emails, phones and addresses within the contact

A small script to capture video stream (eg: from a security camera). The script takes in time in format of HH:MM:SS and created directories based on the current date. Based on the current variables, it outputs the files to /opt/camera/recordings/. It also needs a temp directory, called streams under /opt/camera/.

Usage example (to capture 11 minutes of the stream): 00:11:00

gimp icon

This comes up over and over again. Accidentally drag or move a window in GIMP and then you go both panels on one side. As annoying as it may be, there's an easy way to reset the windows layout to their default location.

Open Gimp,

Go to Edit menu -> Preferences -> expand the Interface item -> Window Management -> Reset Saved Window Positions to Default Values

Last updated Jul 8, 2024