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Cloud Hosting


Cloud hosting is convenient and cost-effective

idea128Cloud hosting is a convenient and cost-efficient way to manage your IT infrastructure. Instead of purchasing and maintaining a physical server, you deploy your resources in a virtual environment, which is provided and managed by ALT. As a result, we charge you only for the amount of server space that you use.

ALT provides custom solutions for every client

IT Consultants at ALT have an individual approach to each client, so we customize each cloud environment according to the client’s requirements. Do you want to create your resources from scratch? Or perhaps you plan to move your existing resources to the cloud? No matter what your needs are, we’ll recommend the solution that fits your business best, and you’ll get qualified assistance with infrastructure setup.

Cloud Hosting Services

We offer a wide variety of cloud hosting services, which include the following:


Email Hosting

  • Dedicated email address with your own domain name
  • 100%  secure email communication
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee
  • 24/7 support



Exchange Email Hosting

  • Access to Microsoft Exchange Server from anywhere
  • Support of multiple devices
  • Compatibility with Microsoft Outlook
  • Custom antispam system



Data and File Hosting

  • Access to files from anywhere
  • Ability to upload big files
  • VPN support
  • 100% secure and encrypted



Dedicated database and website hosting

  • More control over your data
  • Unlimited resources
  • Better performance


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Last updated Nov 13, 2018