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Let's say you are trying to change the permissions of some files (using chown or chmod), but you get an error:

Operation not permitted

Apple and Mac IT SupportThis is (in most cases) because the files are locked (you can verify that by going to "Get Info" for each file or directory). One way to solve it is to go through the list of permission errors and manually unlock them using Finder. A quicker way is to do it on a command line:

A reverse proxy is a type of proxy server that takes HTTP requests and seamlessly distributes them to one or more backend servers. These are useful as apache load-balancers or a central location for web applications. (For example, if you have a main domain, you can have a subdirectory pointed to a web application located on a completely different server. Eg: as the main domain and can be sitting on a completely different server)

Since you are here, you are most likely looking how to enable this feature. We are using Ubuntu server, but the process is similar across all Linux based apache installs.

php logoThis is a common PHP error, which means that you are trying to access object property on a null/non-existing object. To avoid this, you need to check if the property is defined. So instead of doing something like this, which produces an error:

php logoThere's a useful function in PHP called nl2br, which breaks up a paragraph with regular line breaks and replaces them with <br /> HTML breaks. It works great, but sometimes you need to break the paragrpah into actual paragraphs, separated by <p> and </p>. The function below does exactly that - finds line breaks (\n) and encapsulates the text in <p></p> tags:

joomlaThis is a code snippet which allows to get the article modified date from an article itself. This has to be done in a template (or other code). The first part is to identify the item as article and second part to extract the modified date of the article (Tested with Joomla 2.5):

Last updated Jun 4, 2024