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How to configure Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP)

windows 10To setup Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) you need to enable the Port 3389 which is the default port number. Follow the path listed below to enable the port for RDP:

Start | Control Panel |  System and Security | Windows Firewall | Advanced settings | Inbound Rules

Next locate Remote Desktop (TCP-In), Right-click, and Enable Rule.

Remote Desktop Protocol


Now we need to add the ability for users to have remote access. Click the Start button and locate Computer, right-click on Computer and select Properties from the drop down menu. Or follow this path:

Start | Control Panel | System and Security | System

You will see a listing of options on the left. Select Remote settings.

Remote Settings

On the Remote Tab; in the Remote Desktop Group, Select "Allow connections from computers runnning any version of Remote Desktop (less secure)."

Then click on "Select Uses..."

System Properties RDP

Fill in the name of the user you wish to have RDP configured for.

 Add User RDP

Last updated Jun 22, 2018