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To: ALT Technical Consulting

ALT IT has been taking care of all our IT needs for five years now and hosting all our servers (email, website, voip phones, online membership database and filing). They also customized our database so that we can use a free option (civiCRM) and still fit our needs. They have gone above and beyond - from fixing issues on the weekend (often before we even notice them) to being exceptionally generous and supportive in transition periods in between funding grants. They are very quick and on top of all their accounts:
I have never waited more than a few minutes for urgent issues, nor have I ever had to remind them anything about our set up. They are always fair and honest in their assessments. They are a great team and come highly recommended.

From: OUT Niagara

To: ALT Technical Consulting

ALT and their team are wonderful to work with. They are providing us web and email hosting and are so pleasant and helpful. We're based in Niagara but it doesn't feel like there is a distance when working with them. They've gone above and beyond what they quoted us and we're so grateful

From: Sandra Jackson

To: ALT Technical Consulting

Thank you for your continuing support. We would be totally lost without you guys (especially dealing with Dell, Comcast, etc - they don't talk my language)!

From: Shawna (Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario)

To: ALT Technical Consulting

We hired ALT Technical consulting to help write a request for proposal (RFP) for a web design company to design and develop a new educational website, also to help in the selection process. We are so pleased to have had the opportunity to have Artem as part of this process. His knowledge, experience and honestly were integral in this process. Artem is trustworthy, reliable, responsive and extremely helpful especially to the non-techy types. He really takes to time to get to know his client's needs and what his client is about. He was (and still is – even though our contract has completed) dedicated to making sure we got what we wanted and is very thoughtful about the advice he provided. We even received kudos on our clear and well written RFP from the companies bidding on the project!
It was a great experience and we look forward to a continuing relationship.
Thank you!

From: DanielC

To: ALT Technical Consulting

**THANK YOU** (now I can get back to working!)

I don't know if I'm just an old-time "thickie" but I can't figure out how to use Unity effectively. It sure looks to me like one of those things that look great, and demo great, but end up being in the way and slowing you down as soon as you start to use them.

For example, when I hit alt-tab to switch between windows it shows only which applications I have running (a relatively small number) instead of all of the windows each has. Hovering for a while over on of the apps (e.g. the terminal) then shows me all the terminals available. Really pretty, and fantastic demo-ware - but, instead of being able to flick back and forth between windows in a quarter of a second, it now takes me 2s-3s (unless there is a quicker shortcut that I haven't found yet).

From: Mike Stewart

To: ALT Technical Consulting

A very big THANK YOU. My poor old machine was struggling with Unity. Strangely, when I first installed 11.04 it said my system could not run Unity and would use gnome... when the system upgraded to 11.10 a couple of days ago it gave me Unity! Your instructions are great, the only other thing I had to do was set my user account to ask for my password as I'd turned that off as I'm the only person to used this system.

From: Ric

To: ALT Technical Consulting

Thanks for the info about how to get Gnome classic installed; Unity has been a complete turn-off, to the point that I've told members of my group not to update to 11.X because of it.

Managed IT Services

From: Susan Hurst

To: ALT Technical Consulting

We use ALT Consulting for our office IT support, website management and phone system. They are quick to respond and very experienced team. Highly recommend to anyone looking for a wide spectrum of IT services

From: Silvia

To: ALT Technical Consulting

You are IT Gods!

Silvia Valdman, Immigration Lawyer
Valdman Law

Last updated Apr 14, 2024