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Create a PDF from a series of images

pdf-logoWe often get asked, if there's a simple way to join PDFs from many images under linux. The task is very trivial, if you have 1-2 images, as you can use many of the graphical applications. If you have 10-20 or more, we recommend pdfjoin. It runs under Linux on a command line and allows for a quick images to PDF combine.

Under Ubuntu, it is part of the texlive-extra-utils package.

To install the package, run the following:

apt-get install texlive-extra-utils

To combine the images, you can run something like this:

pdfjoin --letterpaper --fitpaper false --rotateoversize false *.jpg --outfile combine.pdf

This is assuming your images are names something like 01.jog, 02.jpg, etc.

If you want them in a particular order, you will have to run something like this:

pdfjoin --letterpaper --fitpaper false --rotateoversize false 01.jpg 03.jpg 02.jpg 04.jpg --outfile combine.pdf

The result will be in combine.pdf

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Last updated Feb 9, 2019