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A small script to capture video stream (eg: from a security camera). The script takes in time in format of HH:MM:SS and created directories based on the current date. Based on the current variables, it outputs the files to /opt/camera/recordings/. It also needs a temp directory, called streams under /opt/camera/.

Usage example (to capture 11 minutes of the stream):
capture.sh 00:11:00

TIME=$1 # in 00:00:00 format
OUT=$FILE-`date '+%m-%d-%y_%H_%M'`
DATE=`date '+%m-%d-%y'`
if [ ! -d $CWD/streams]
mkdir -p $CWD/streams
ffmpeg -i "$STREAM" -t $TIME -c copy -an $CWD/streams/$OUT.mkv
if [ ! -d $CWD/recordings/$DATE ]
mkdir -p $CWD/recordings/$DATE
mv $CWD/streams/$OUT.mkv $CWD/recordings/$DATE/$OUT.mkv

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